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About Your Find Money Report

This report is to pinpoint times when card influences from your yearly spreads point to financial benefits. This program has searched your yearly spreads for every occurrence of cards that have been known to indicate money being made or acquired. Some of the influences here can mean other things as well but have the potential to be associated with financial gain.

Many of these influences depend upon certain conditions. For example, some of them only seem to work if a person has their own business. When this is the case, it is mentioned in the interpretation. Also, anyone reading this report should realize that their work or income situation has a great deal to do with money's ability to come to them. For example, someone working in a salaried position, or someone living on a fixed retirement income, has a more or less fixed income and even the best money cards may not have any effect because there is no way for the money to come to them.

The Days in Effect

Each card either influences a 52-day period of the year, or the entire year. The ones that influence an entire year are more powerful in general, but usually those cards' influence is not felt until the Mars period of the year, which begins around 150 days after a person's birthday. But some of the 52-day period cards can be quite powerful, so check out their Power Rating.

The Power Rating

Each card found has a power rating, which is a number from 1 to 10 of just how powerful this card has proven to be in other people's spreads. Cards with power ratings of 7 and above are the strongest.

Maximizing Your Good Money Cards

If you are getting this report and want to get the best use from it, pinpoint the times in which you have strong power rating money cards and plan your business activities to coincide with those dates. For example, if you saw a great money card coming up in a certain 52-day period, make plans to do something, like introduce a new product or service, during that time period. This has been shown to be a very effect strategy.

The position and card found are listed next, for those card-science students who want to research these influences more. And finally, a brief interpretation of each influence is given.

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