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About Your Find Love Report

This report is designed primarily to show someone looking for a new relationship when such a new relationship is likely to be formed. Whether you are married or single, you can use this report to determine when a new love interest, love affair, or marriage is likely to occur.

Any influence over 7 in the Power category is considered powerful and very likely to result in a new relationship, provided you meet the specific criteria for each influence found. Some influences, for example, are only for meeting a man, thus heterosexual males would not benefit from such a connection.

When strong love influences are present, this is the time to safely engage in new relationships or to expand the scope of your searching. If you are truly ready to meet someone new when these influences appear, just make yourself available to see the magic work wonders in your life.

How to Read this Report

The influences found are listed in start date order starting at the beginning of the time period specified. The start date of any influence is shown, along with how many days that influence is in effect.

The Power of any influence is shown in the next column. The numbers range from 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest influence possible. You should pay attention to any influence over 7 in the Power category since those are likely to give the strongest results.

The position and card found are listed next, for those who want to research these influences more. And finally, a brief interpretation of each influence is given.

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